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Profound World Design was established in 2009, three years later we re-established our brand as a more powerful, more focused, self-motivated marketing power house. We believe in  the power of image, our goal is to offer our clients the most relevant and effective brand management solution, that will help keep a consistent image of their brand.

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Profound World Design is a proudly South African branding and marketing SMME based in the heart of Rustenburg, fully black owned. We have over 10 years of eperience in the graphic design, print, IT and web development field. Initially we were only well known for owr unique approach to design work, also our quality and timely quality prints/branding, but we have also diversified by roping in online marketing services, this includes creation and management of social media profiles. We provide a turnkey branding and marketing solutions. 

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Profound World Design looks at creating both national and
international opportunities that will lead us to fulfilling our vision
which is to groom young potential IT personnel, designers and
developers into experienced individuals who will be of value to
their communities, who will share their skills so as to creating a
generation of innovative, insightful, experienced youth. This will
contribute positively towards alleviating unemployment, poverty,
crime, prostitution, drug abuse and so forth.


We proceed to consistently provide effective insightful marketing
solutions that enable us and our collaborated clients to be well
connected with the relevant markets and industries, and stay
updated with the latest trending technology, While we keep
grooming the young people with skills.


Profound World Design

Graphic Design

Everyone have a right to an image

Graphic design is the core and foundation of every image. To have decent and a memorable impact in the business world, there should be an image people can identify with. This is where we rope in our industry experience and create a legacy for our clients. With the application of attention to detail we pride ourselves in this offering.
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Profound World Design

IT & Web Development

Putting brands in the international markets

The Internet has been trusted by major brands for ages as a powerful tool to place a brand where every person with internet access can see. We have a team of dedicated technicians that will ensure that your IT infrastructure is well manages, your business needs professionals to make an impact internationally.
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Profound World Design


Transforming concepts into tangible media

You might have seen billboards on side of the road, or received business cards from networking with people, perhaps glossy professional pamphlets or even a book as a gift from an admirer. This is an effective way to spread a word about your business. Like money notes, printed media circulate from person thus increasing marketing.
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Profound World Design


Being memorable in the professional world

Another way that has an impact in brand is branding. Whether it's vehicle branding, PPE branding, uniform or any other apparel and items branding, we do this very well and our portfolio of work speaks for us. With branding comes the  benefit of being unique and easily identified, whether out in the field or at a network function. This is another way to be recognisable and memorable.

Graphic Design

Signage & Print

Web Development

A website is an online interactive business profile. For it to be be effective it has to be well designed and developed for the end user's convenience. With an active high quality social media content, combined with blogs, search engines like Google, should rank your web pages high. This is benefitial to businesses looking into generating more leads. 

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Social Media Management

IT Support & Print Solutions


Information Technology

IT Support

We keep up with the latest trends, thus evolving with technology. Our team of inhouse IT techncians work around the clock to ensure that our valuable clients' needs are catered for.
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PWD Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Network Design, Setup & Security

With a dedicated team of qualified young fresh people, along with experienced personnels, we will design the best suitable network systems for you, with the most effective security.

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PWD Computer Periperals


Order Your Peripherals

From USB memory sticks, latest smart phones, tablest, laptops, keyboards and mice, headphones, network cables, screens, pc's, all the way to servers, we supply.

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PWD Printer Rentals

Print Solutions

Buy Or Rent Multifunction Printers

Our print solutions are custom made for your convenience. This helps us utilise only necessary space, while we save time and money. Various brands are available for your preference, Print supplies are avalable.
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